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This page is designed to give you an idea of what siding services Martin's offers, and to familiarize you with some of the more widely used products are in your area as well as some of the other products currently available in today’s market. Should you have any questions about any product not mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to consult with you on any product you may be considering.

The East End of Long Island is CEDAR country. By and large, the most popular type of SIDING on the East End is CEDAR SIDING. There are several different types of CEDAR SIDING to choose from. Here are some of the most widely used products in our area.

RED CEDAR PERFECTION SHINGLES are a #1 grade shingle available in 18” and 24” lengths. PERFECTIONS are a versatile shingle that can be used in both ROOFING and SIDEWALL applications. Maximum sidewall exposure* ( refers to the portion of shingle exposed to the weather ) for 18” shingle is 8” for a single course. Maximum exposure for a 24” shingle is 14”.

RED CEDAR R&R( rebutted & resquared ) SHINGLES are a premium shingle also available in 18” and 24” lengths that are taken one step further in the milling process. This type of shingle is sanded and squared on three sides allowing for a more manufactured appearance. R&R SHINGLES are used primarily in SIDEWALL applications, though they can be used on the roof as well.

WHITE CEDAR SHINGLES are another alternative.

Though not nearly as popular as RED CEDAR, siding your home with WHITE CEDAR can produce some very pleasing results. Left untreated, WHITE CEDAR will generally patina to a silver grey appearance.

All of the above SHINGLES are also available in a wide variety of FANCY CUT SHINGLES designed to create some very dramatic and appealing accents to your home’s SIDING.

Horizontal and Vertical Siding

TONGUE & GROOVE, SHIPLAP and CENTER MATCH SIDING are very similar in appearance. They are milled in lengths of up to 16’ feet and in widths ranging from 4” to 10” inches. This SIDING is available in both CLEAR and STK ( sound tight knots ) grades. The STK grade of these SIDINGS generally comes with both a ROUGHSAWN side and a smooth SANDED side which allows you to choose between two different textures on the exposed face of the SIDING. TONGUE & GROOVE SIDING is also available in a V JOINT style. These types of CEDAR SIDING can be installed in either a VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL or DIAGONAL application.

Beveled Cedar Siding

BEVELED SIDING also known as CLAPBOARD is another cedar alternative. . BEVELED SIDING is available in an array of sizes and profiles.

Hardwood Sidings

There are certain species of HARDWOODS such as IPE and GARAPA that may be used in a SIDING application. These HARDWOODS can be milled into a variety of sizes and profiles. When installed they can produce some very dramatic results. Naturally, these exotic woods come at a premium price.


Any one of the above mentioned SIDINGS can either be left untreated to weather naturally OR they can be TREATED in a number of ways. There are BLEACHING OILS that once applied will accelerate the weathering process.


You may choose either a SEMI-TRANSPARENT or a SOLID STAIN offered in a vast array of colors. These finishes can be applied on site after the SIDING is installed,


in most cases the SIDING is available directly from the manufacturer with a FACTORY APPLIED finish. Any of these SIDINGS can also be PAINTED.

We suggest discussing this option with the INSTALLER and your PAINTING CONTRACTOR as certain procedures must be strictly followed to ensure a quality paint job that will endure.

Vinyl Siding

VINYL SIDING is probably the most economical choice in today’s market. It is available in several different styles and sizes mimicking wood siding and is available in many colors. It is easy to maintain and extremely durable to the elements. Properly installed, it can be a pleasing and economical alternative to natural wood siding, although you must consider that on the East End it may detract from the overall value of your home.

Plywood Siding

Another economical alternative is PLYWOOD SIDING also known as T111. It comes in 4’ foot x 8’ foot and 4’ foot x 10’ sheets and in several different profiles. While PLYWOOD SIDING may be left untreated, it is recommended that it be either TREATED, STAINED or PAINTED.

Masonry Sidings

There is a large selection of MASONRY products on the market today. These include a wide variety of BRICK and STONE veneers and real and faux STUCCO finishes. Faux STUCCO is installed in layers over RIGID INSULATION and can be molded to create many different looks. Any of these products can be used to side an entire structure or they can be used as accent pieces to compliment either WOOD or VINYL siding.

Also available today is HARDIE PLANK CEMENT SIDING PANELS. These panels when installed mimic the appearance of BEVELED SIDING. This product is impervious to insect damage and highly resistant to water damage. It is available from the factory primed for paint and is also available with a factory applied finish in a variety of colors.

Gutter Systems

Today, GUTTERS are manufactured in ALUMINUM * ( the most economical ), COPPER , ZINC and GALVANIZED METAL. They are available in the traditional OGEE style and also in the HALF ROUND style. Some manufacturers offer sizes up to 8” inches in width.

There is also a wide variety of fasteners available from the basic SPIKE and FERRULE, to HIDDEN FASTENERS, to an assortment of DECORATIVE FASTENERS , BRACKETS , HANGERS and STRAPS. LEADER PIPES are also offered in a variety of sizes and profiles.

Some of the HIGH END GUTTER systems also offer accessories such as DECORATIVE END CAPS , GOOSE NECK ELBOWS , CONDUIT BOXES , OUTLETS , RAIN CHAINS and more.

Also available are RAIN BARRELS fitted with a hose connection and designed to catch RUNOFF WATER that can be used at a later time to irrigate your garden.