Martin's offers all types of residential and commercial, flat and shingled roofing.


We can supply and install any and all of the asphalt shingle products currently available on today’s market. You may choose a traditional THREE TAB ROOF SHINGLE available with either 25 year or 30 year product warranties OR an ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLE ( currently the most popular style ) offered with a 30 year, 40 year or lifetime warranty. You may also choose any one of a number of lifetime warranted HIGH END SHINGLES offered in a variety of styles. Which ever product you choose, you can be assured it will be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Cedar is offered for roofing purposes in a variety of styles and sizes and grades. You can choose #1 grade RED CEDAR SHINGLES in either 18” PERFECTIONS or 24” ROYALS. The most commonly used shingle for roofing is the #1 grade 18” perfection. This shingle can be installed at up to a 5 ½ “ exposure,* ( the amount of shingle exposed to the weather ) depending on the pitch of the roof deck. The exposure may be reduced to as little as 4” for a shallow, pitched roof application. If you desire a greater exposure you may choose a 24” ROYAL SHINGLE. This shingle may be installed with up to a 7 ½” exposure. You may also choose to install 24” ROYALS at a smaller exposure thereby creating a heavier roof.

Another alternative is the TAPERSAWN SHINGLE also available in 18” or 24”. TAPERSAWN SHINGLES have a 5/8” butt as compared to the 18” PERFECTIONS and the 24” ROYALS which come with a ½” butt. Consequently, TAPERSAWN SHINGLES produce a slightly heavier roof at comparable exposures.


You may choose a more traditional HAND SPLIT SHAKE. This product has a more natural, less manufactured appearance. HAND SPLIT SHAKES come in butt widths as wide as ¾” +. HAND SPLIT SHAKES are also available in 18” and 24” lengths. Regardless of the type of shingle or shake you choose the end product will look spectacular. Although cedar products are offered in lesser grades, we recommend for roofing purposes that only #1 grade materials or better be used.


COMPOSITES are offered in a wide variety of styles. They can be made to resemble SLATE ROOFING in a dramatic way. Several different COMPOSITE manufacturers offer very realistic versions of SLATE ROOFING in a variety of traditional colors. Many of these products will patina over time to present realistic versions of traditional SLATE ROOFING. The most obvious advantage of COMPOSITE SLATE over TRADITIONAL SLATE ROOFING is the issue of weight. Unlike TRADITIONAL SLATE, COMPOSITE SLATE ROOFING requires no additional structural support. COMPOSITES are generally backed with 50 year product warranties from the manufacturer. Obviously, COMPOSITES are not cheap, but they do offer an economical and realistic alternative to a genuine SLATE ROOF.

Metal Roofing

METAL ROOFING is another traditional type of roofing. While it has huge applications in the commercial roofing field it has also found much popularity in residential applications. It is available in a large variety of styles and sizes and can also be CUSTOMIZED to accommodate just about any situation. METAL ROOFING is manufactured from either STEEL, ALUMINUM, COPPER or ZINC* ( marketed as FREEDOM GREY ) . METAL ROOFING is produced in different gauges and can be finished in a large variety of colors. Depending on which finish you choose, your roof’s finish can be factory warranted for up to 20 years. Of course, should you choose either COPPER or FREEDOM GREY it can be left unfinished to develop a natural patina on it’ s own.

Flat Roofing

We offer a large variety of FLAT ROOFING services. Martin's is a factory certified FLAT ROOF contractor. We can install or repair any FLAT ROOFING SYSTEM currently in use. We offer both HOT and COLD FLAT ROOF SYSTEMS for installation. Our services also include correcting EXCESSIVE PONDING and POOR DRAINAGE, ROOF RE-PITCHING using either TAPERED ROOF INSULATION BOARDS or re-pitching the existing wooden deck, and replacing, installing or adding FLAT ROOF DRAINS. We also have an excellent track record at finding and repairing FLAT ROOF LEAKS. For those of you seeking GREEN alternatives to conventional FLAT ROOFING we can offer GAF’s GARDENSCAPES rooftop garden system. GAF has created a comprehensive system backed by a single source GARDEN ROOF GUARANTEE. That means the FLAT ROOF SYSTEM and the GARDEN are covered by one GUARANTEE. This eliminates the necessity for multiple contractors. GAF supplies the ROOF SYSTEM, the specially formulated growing MEDIUM, a large selection of regional PLANTS suited to your specific climate, and a factory- certified CONTRACTOR to install, maintain and service your complete system

Roof Coating

For virtually every type of roof system currently in use, there is a ROOF COATING available that is designed to maintain or extend the life of that system. Currently, there are ROOF COATINGS available for most FLAT ROOF systems in use today. There are also comprehensive systems such as GAF’s TOP COAT for METAL ROOFS. TOP COAT is a multi- step process designed to restore and maintain aging, or in some cases even rusting METAL ROOFS. TOP COAT also offers versions of there product designed to extend the life of some of the most popular FLAT ROOF SYSTEMS in use today.


When most people think of SOLAR, they envision a portion of their roof being covered with large rectangular panels. While this is the most popular type of photovoltaic panel, it is not the only choice. There are currently several different types of photovoltaic panels available in today’s market. These panels have a low profile and in some instances can be incorporated directly into your ROOF SYSTEM. With the current TAX CREDITS and REBATES available, the out of pocket cost to the homeowner is approximately 25 % of the overall cost of installing a SOLAR SYSTEM, and in some cases, those costs can be rolled into your home mortgage.

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